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Reaching The Summit - Professional Development Market Trend



More workers are considering jumping ship in ’07.

Employees are looking for meaningful work, and they want to advance their careers; however, they want to enjoy a balanced life at the same time.

Of the 6,169 workers surveyed for, 20% of workers plan to change jobs this year and 48% will be seeking better pay and advancement opportunities.

Among its findings:

  • 35 % are dissatisfied with the advancement opportunities their current employer provides.

  • 45 % said their workloads have increased over the past six months.

  • 33 % are dissatisfied with training and job learning opportunities their current employer provides.

The demands on your leaders continue to increase. The bar is going up … what are your plans to deal with these challenges?


Cognition Network's service is directed at proactively equipping leadership teams for the challenges they face by challenging each other to keep raising the bar, increasing the level of trust and transparency, encouraging fresh perspectives, breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions, demonstrating a bias for strategic change, reawakening creativity, developing a shared sense of urgency, enhancing the team’s level of cohesion and collaboration along with creating a forum for validating decisions.

Your leadership team will show demonstrable progress in their leadership and professional development.

Members create and execute development plans that support organizational objectives and address their needs for soft, technical & business skills utilizing a library of development planning and execution resources.

Cognition Network’s delivery model overcomes the weaknesses of traditional approaches creating accountability to the executive sponsor, other workgroup members and to the members themselves. Accelerated leadership development takes place through use of advanced problem solving and issue management methods.

How is your professional development plan working for you?

Cognition Network would like to provide you with an opportunity to further your development. The featured book summary for this market trend article is The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave by Leigh Branham



Cognition Network provides high performance facilitation of Professional & Leadership Development through accountability workgroups