Cognition Network Minnesota Cup Semifinalist! - Monday, November 30, 2009

Cognition Network has been selected a semi-finalist in the Minnesota Cup competition. Becoming a semi-finalist is no trivial matter as more then 500 entrants participated in this years event and with only 30 moving on to the semi-final round.

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Market Trends

You've always felt that the professional development of your leaders is crucial to your team's long term success. Here is some evidence to support that belief.

Research by investment analyst Laurie Bassi, founder of Knowledge Asset Management, demonstrates a link between employee development efforts and an organization's stock market performance. A five-year, back tested study of companies that made a significant investment in employee development showed a strong correlation between training investment and economic value added (a performance measure most directly linked to creation of shareholder wealth).

 A Society for Human Resource Management employee development survey published in April 2005 provided startling results.  In almost all instances, Employee Development is deemed to be of strategic importance as it increases the likelihood of retaining talent and equips the organization for growth. However, formalized avenues for development are not the norm. 83% of development programs are informal, unstructured and not measured.

 As a consequence, random results from professional development are the norm because “Most organizations lack the mechanisms necessary to assure their investments bring the anticipated return.”

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